Post-Lockdown Anti-Theft Security and Safety Measures


Self-checkouts are increasing in numbers as supermarkets, along with many other retailers are moving with the times. Limiting contact and close proximity between staff and customers is a priority under the present circumstances. By having self-checkouts this not only reduces contact but reduces waiting times for the customer. However, this puts pressure on store owners to keep a watchful eye on opportunists stealing goods whilst using self-checkouts. In-store theft figures are predicted to rise due to the current economic crisis as the country faces many job losses.

What Can You Do?

On-site security services can be put in place to deter theft and other petty crime. This also reassures staff and customers that security is on hand should anyone need them.

Staff and shoppers are increasingly wearing face masks and previous facial recognition systems will need to be updated. Business owners are now turning to biometric systems which allow people to be recognised with a face mask.

Having CCTV which provides many camera angles and replay options is a great way to ensure your business is secure and your staff are safe. Good quality footage along with good camera positioning is vital to any owner looking to put in security measures. Factors to consider when installing CCTV is lighting, obstructions and height. These checks are invaluable to anyone setting up CCTV, especially if you need to submit footage to the police.

Technology is constantly changing and AI surveillance is already taking huge steps in crime prevention. The need for businesses to stay up to date with security and provide safety measures for staff and customers has never been so great. If you are looking for a professional security company to help your business stay protected, then please get in touch with us here at Matter of Security on 01708 572 248 or email:

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