Preparing Your Essex Business For The Festive Season


With Christmas fast approaching, most of us are looking forward to winding down after what has been a trying year. As a business owner, you are likely to close your premises over the festive period. Essex is home to many fantastic businesses, covering a wealth of industries. So, how can we be safe in the knowledge that our businesses are protected from crime over the Christmas period?

A Matter of Security has an in-depth understanding of the security needs that Essex businesses will be facing in the coming weeks. Unfortunately, December is a time in which burglary and crime seem to be at a peak, and Essex is no exception to this. But do not fear, here is a handy list of things to be aware of, as well as tips on how to protect your Essex business.


Burglaries are a common occurrence over Christmas. This is mostly down to buildings being unattended, giving criminals the time and opportunity to strike, with it going unnoticed for days. To deter burglars, CCTV and manual security are priceless. A visible and high-quality alarm system is also valuable.

Opportunity Arises

Some criminals operate as opportunists. They will see a locked up business and take advantage. The dark nights offer the perfect cover, but a sound CCTV system could catch the culprits in the act. This could lead to the return of stolen goods and the prosecution of criminals. A visible security guard performing mobile patrols would also act as the perfect deterrent.

Alcohol and Anti-social Behaviour

Many people will be enjoying drinks over the festive period. This can, sadly, lead to anti-social behaviour. Alcohol lowers inhibitions, so people run the risk of doing things that are extreme or even violent. Many businesses suffer vandalism and broken windows due to anti-social behaviour. Break-ins are also common, either with the intention of theft or temporary squatting.

To decrease the chance of your Essex business suffering damage due to anti-social behaviour, ensure you have visible security, with cameras or manual staff. Static and mobile patrols may be all you need to deter vandals.

With these threats highlighted, you should ensure your business is protected as much as possible. Contact A Matter Of Security today to find out how our security services can give you that peace of mind. Call us on 01708 572248

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