How to protect your home at any cost


Burglaries to home owners are devastating and we are seeing more violent burglaries these days.

We often get asked ‘what is the best security?’ or ‘what are the best ways to secure my home?’.

Often people choice of purchase are often reflective on what they can or cannot afford which is a deciding factor with any purchase.

It is always recommended that you choose an accredited company so that the you are safe in the knowledge that the security service or equipment they are supplying meets the relative standards, staff are trained to the highest levels and the equipment they install is insurance approved and the security equipment won’t let you down when you need it most.

In this blog we ask our Director Jamie Reynolds  ‘If money was no object what is the best way to protect your home?’

So here’s Jamie’s take on the subject.

” I wished that every customer that called me said “Jamie I want you to secure my home at any cost” not that we would rip them off but we would really be able to provide them with the best security money could buy.

Reality is that we often have to fit it with what people can afford and there are security services and systems that will meet your budget which may just be enough to keep them unwanted burglars away from your home.”

So here’s my TOP 5  ways to secure your home at any cost.

1. Residential Security Team (RST)

A residential security team or RST refers to the process of safeguarding people and their properties from privacy breaches, home invasions, disturbances, or any other threats that could put the wellbeing of those who live there.  This is your very own group of guys or girls who put you and your loved ones first.

Your very own private team providing, efficient and robust 24/7 physical presence at your home or estate. Operating overtly or discreetly, the physical presence of a residential security team provides protection to you and your family by conducting regular patrols to monitor, quickly deter and respond to any potential security threat.

The best RST will provide staff are Ex Military with credible backgrounds in some of the most elite military units.

Services could include personal drivers also that will take you and your family on that special shopping trip or even abroad.  These guys do not mess around.

Having a security guard at your home could cost at little as £20PH but if you want a team that is super capable of tackling any situation then an RST could run into thousands of pounds per day.

2. Monitored CCTV 

CCTV cameras are a powerful tool to deter anyone, especially potential criminals from doing anything illegal, and CCTV monitoring makes CCTV even more powerful.

It is always best to detect and deter burglars before they have an opportunity to break into your property, especially when the family is at home.

CCTV technology and CCTV monitoring is so advanced nowadays that monitoring can be undertaken by a professional monitoring team on open sites.  This means that even if a driveway has no physical security like gates and barriers then CCTV monitoring can still be undertaken.  After all no one should be on your driveway unless it’s you, a family member or an Amazon delivery driver.  But even burglars are dressing up as builders or delivery drivers and the monitoring team are aware of this.

CCTV monitoring will ensure that your premises are being watched over by professional qualified and accredited monitoring staff in real-time. This is especially beneficial for when your home is unoccupied or in a vulnerable state. The real advantage of detecting a threat while it’s in progress is the action that can be taken to deal with it, such as notifying listed key-holders or alerting the police or a mobile patrol company that there is an unwanted person on the premises.

CCTV technology is so advanced that CCTV cameras include, motion sensors, thermal imaging, light activation and two way audio built in so CCTV monitoring design has become even easier to design and install.

High quality CCTV system equipment that is capable of being monitored will cost upwards of £3000 but could easily cost tens of thousands if state of the art thermal imaging equipment were to be installed.

Monitoring stations will charge the installer a price per camera generally ranging from £150 to £700 per camera. so the bigger the CCTV system the more the monitoring charges incurred.

This type of solution provides eyes on the property at all times without the full expense of having a guard onsite 24/7.

3. Monitored Intruder Alarms

No point in having an alarm system that just makes a noise.  Every burglar knows that a professional alarm system will include monitoring that contacts the police or an alarm responder.

Monitored Intruder Alarms are systems that are actively monitored by an accredited professional home security company. When the system detects a break-in, fire, or other emergency, it notifies a security team or emergency services.  A monitored alarm will never be ignored!

Intruder Alarm Design is the key to protecting a family and their home.

If cost was not an option the alarm design would include panic alarms on every floor and in my master bedroom, external sensors protecting the outside of the home, shock sensors on windows and doors, protection in outbuildings and sheds and of course the standard internal sensors.

Sounds like fort knocks but that is what’s needed in a high security design!

Often residential customers do not understand that their home can be monitored 24/7 by professional monitoring staff and can they will contact the police in the event of a burglary.

Alarm monitoring is quick and detailed communication between your home security system and the central station of your accredited security installer.

GSM technology is a preferred method of communications over a hardwired telephone line and always consider a dual path system.  This means there is a backup communications path if the primary path ever goes offline.

For the average home a monitored intruder alarm will cost between £1000 – £3000 to be installed. Annual monitoring charges will cost between £280 – £1000 per annum.  Costs vary depending on size of the property, geographical location and how risk averse the premises might be.

4. Physical Gates, Barriers and Bollards

With so much vehicle theft in the UK, the best deterrent includes Physical Gates, Barriers and Bollards.

To make things convenient then automated gates, automated barriers and automated bollards are the best solution.

There are of course lots of advantages to having automatic driveway gates.  They will reduce trespass and prevent unwanted people on site.  If the house is set back some distance from the road then a solid gate will, to some extent, prevent overlooking by people up to no good.

Automatic driveway gates will include an intercom so you can control automatic gates from your home and even when you are not which is a useful tool these days. Automatic gates can be programmed to close automatically.

As a registered and qualified Gate Safe installer we are proud to be industry professionals in this field.  Gates should be equipped with the correct safety equipment to prevent people from being hurt.

Make sure when considering automated driveway gates that you have the best automation installed.  Use automation like DEA.  All equipment manufactured by them including automation for sliding gates and swing gates include 4 years manufacturers warranty.  In this game you get what you pay for so don’t buy cheap and make sure that equipment is regularly maintained.

Automatic gates come in many shapes and sizes but a basic driveway gate will start from £4000.  Lets say you wanted something more ornate like the gates at Buckingham Palace then this could set you back tens of thousands of pounds.

Automatic Barriers are generally installed in a commercial setting but can also be a good security solution for estates.  Like automated gates they should be installed with safety in mind where pedestrians are often present in the same area.

Automatic barriers are normally an alternative solution in areas where automatic gates cannot be installed but also provide a better solution in areas that are unmanned.  An automatic barrier will close more quickly than an automatic gate preventing unwanted vehicles tailgating onto an estate.

An automatic barrier solution will normally cost between £5000 – £8000 to supply and install including the relative civil works required including concrete foundations required.

Automatic Bollards are our most popular domestic driveway solution these days.  They come in two different types. Electromechanical Bollards use compressed gas to power the movement whereas Hydraulic Bollards use hydraulic fluid to generate power to raise and lower them.

Regular maintenance is a requirement for both types of automated bollards but hydraulic bollards cost more to maintain as hydraulic fluid requires topping up and changing regularly.

When designing an automatic bollard solution it depends on the ground type and environment.  Even temperature needs to be considered.

Out of choice I would choose Hydraulic Bollards because they rise and fall more smoothly that electromechanical bollards.

Both come in many shapes and sizes and can come in specific colours and stainless steel finishes.  They can also include flashing lights.

Automatic Bollards are not cheap.  A professional automatic bollard installed will start at approximately £4000.  Multiple bollards could cost tens of thousands.

But always choose a product like BFT who are tried and tested with 2 years manufacturers warranty on these types of products.  But just like any automated security system make sure that it is regularly maintained.

5. Security Lighting 

These days security lighting is fairly cheap.  People pop down to B&Q or Screwfix and fit that 30W LED light and job done.

But proper security lighting installed by a professional electrician can work wonders to prevent a burglary.

Often integrated into other security systems including Intruder Alarm systems, CCTV systems and Gate Automation we are able to activate the house lights for any eventuality.

One of our electrical partners JG Electrical Force was recently involved in a high end project.  The external lighting was installed and integrated into the home alarm and CCTV systems. In the event of an external activation through a series of relays we are able to illuminate the entire property.  A simple solution to changing the environment for any unwanted risk at you home and also very cool for the homeowner to control and could also reduce lighting costs.

Security lighting varies but expect to pay a premium for this level of design.

Contact Jason at JG Electrical Force if you want to understand more about security lighting.


I hope you enjoyed the read.  Please contact me directly or call 01708572248



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