What is a ram-raid attack?

Ram-raiding is when a vehicle is used to breach a shopfront, warehouse or cash machine.

The shock of the attack is crucial to its success. The shock gives thieves a small but effective window of opportunity to grab what they can and be off.

Any shop or warehouse can be targeted

Jewellers, designer clothing stores, supermarkets, or anywhere with an ATM inside (cornershops, petrol stations)

Any vehicle can be used. We’ve heard of motorbikes, ford fiestas, JCBs. Anything that can breach and smash the windows and doors or shopfront of a business.

People immediately think of Hatton Garden when they think of these type of attacks. But they are increasing everywhere. The isolation of shops, warehouses, and even people’s homes in rural areas make them a bigger target than in the cities. Burglars have more time in rural areas, there is less CCTV and there are less witnesses about.

These attacks are quick. They can be over in a minute.

So, how can you protect against ram-raids?

Bollards. This is simply the best way.

They can be fixed, or hydraulic if vehicle access is required.

The meer site of bollards will put off would be ram-raiders whilst bolstering your physical society at the same time.

Having guards on site might deter a ram-raid attack and their response would be important if an attack was to happen. But they won’t put off Ramraiders as effectively as bollards.

Also, having bollards installed means your property or site is guarded at night when closed. Employing a night guard is expensive and also not effective as the guard is isolated and outnumbered if a attack occurs.

We’d always recommend CCTV as a given. I don’t think I’ve got to explain why.

Have a good weekend.



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