School Security During the Holidays


School security is a concern throughout the year, especially during the six-week summer holidays. 2020 and 2021 saw a sharp increase in school vandalism and theft. This could be down to the COVID-19 lockdowns leaving many buildings empty and vulnerable. So, the key is ensuring school buildings have the very best security in place so that they are still protected when they are closed.

Laptop theft and roof lead theft are among the most common crimes affecting UK schools, with the price of lead and the demand for laptops remaining high. Vandalism through graffiti, broken windows and broken outdoor equipment is common in schools, perhaps due to boredom when many things are closed or restricted. Some schools have even fallen victim to arson.

Here we look at how schools can maximise their security.


CCTV is ever-evolving, with remote services that can connect to control rooms and work 24/7. The simple presence of CCTV cameras can be enough to deter criminals, but if they do not, it is a valuable and reliable source of evidence. Speak with a security specialist, such as A Matter Of Security, to find out about the different types of CCTV systems available. Fever monitoring, screening thermal cameras, remote CCTV and IP CCTV are among the most effective.

Alarm Systems

Intruder and fire alarms will quickly alert management and emergency services if an incident occurs. Ensuring a school is equipped with an up-to-date alarm system can prevent crimes. Motion detectors are another great deterrent. If lights illuminate an area suddenly, showing potential criminals in full beam, it could send them running!

Manual Patrol

Small schools may not be in a position to invest in manual patrols, but having someone access the place each evening could be enough to show criminals that eyes could be on them at any time. Larger schools, colleges and universities may still have staff and students coming and going during the holidays, so manual patrol options are a great solution to increase security.

Digital Locks

Gates and access doors that are locked using digital locks are incredibly secure. People coming and going will be monitored, and access codes can ensure no unauthorised visits get through the gates. This is another sound option for larger education buildings.

Whichever security method a school or college opts for, it is important to ensure they are maintained and updated accordingly.

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