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Situated in the East of England, Essex offers a diverse range of living experiences, from its verdant countryside to the vibrant urban centres. However, when it comes to safety, not all areas in Essex are created equal. In this article, we delve into the safest and least safe places to reside in Essex, along with tips to enhance your home security.

Safest Places in Essex

Uttlesford – Cited in a study featured in the Daily Gazette Standard, Uttlesford takes the crown as the safest locality in Essex. In 2021, it recorded a mere 1.62 burglaries per 1,000 residents, the lowest in the county. Known for its harmonious blend of rural landscapes and historical landmarks, Uttlesford boasts an exceptional quality of life. The area outperforms the national average in both employment rates and average weekly earnings, with a life expectancy of 81.8 years. However, property prices here are relatively high.

Maldon – The study also ranks Maldon as the second safest area, with only 1.67 burglaries per 1,000 people. Maldon has seen a consistent decline in theft rates since 2017. Rich in historical allure, the town offers abundant outdoor activities and houses two nature reserves. The life expectancy here stands at 82 years.

Castle Point – This coastal borough also scores highly in safety metrics. Offering a mix of urban and rural settings, Castle Point benefits from shorter commutes to London. Remarkably, it has an 82% homeownership rate, the highest in England. Life expectancy here is estimated at 81 years.

Least Safe Places in Essex

Southend – Data suggests that Southend has the highest crime rates in Essex, including violent crimes and antisocial behaviour. If safety is your primary concern, Southend should be low on your list. Despite its challenges, some areas in Southend remain pleasant. Life expectancy is around 81 years.

Harlow – Recent statistics place Harlow as the second most dangerous major town in Essex and the 21st in the UK. With a crime rate 49% higher than the Essex average, violent and sexual offences are the most commonly reported crimes. Life expectancy here is also 81 years.

Chelmsford – Although better than Southend and Harlow, Chelmsford still ranks as the third least safe place in Essex. However, it boasts one of the highest life expectancies in the county, at 83 years.

Enhancing Home Security

Reinforced Doors – Opt for doors with multiple layers and strengthened hinges to deter burglars, who often target ground-level doors.

Advanced Access Control – Traditional locks may be insufficient in high-crime areas. Consider multi-factor authentication methods, such as PINs and swipe cards.

Outdoor Lighting – Well-placed lighting can discourage burglars by eliminating hiding spots.

Video Surveillance – Strategically placed cameras can both deter criminals and provide valuable evidence if a crime occurs.

In Summary

Essex offers a range of safe and less safe areas to live. Localities like Uttlesford and Maldon have notably low crime rates, making them ideal for those prioritising safety. Regardless of where you reside, enhancing your home security is always a wise choice, from installing robust doors to implementing advanced access control systems.

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