Security Assessment – The Most Vulnerable Areas of Your Business


An annual security assessment is important for your business to ensure you detect any security lapses. Changes in staff, renovations, floor plan changes and wear and tear are all factors that could contribute to a decline in security. Anything that adjusts the interior or exterior of your building may affect your security.

A security professional, such as A Matter of Security, can analyse your current security to determine vulnerabilities and advise of required changes. Here we look at the most common areas of a business for security lapses.

Out of date equipment

Technology and surveillance systems are changing at a fast rate. Security is improving every year, with low-resolution cameras and temperamental technology becoming a thing of the past. Most security systems record clear footage stored in the cloud now and can be accessed remotely by anyone with permission. This means that affordable, innovative security solutions replace outdated equipment, saving time and increasing security. If the security equipment for your property is not current, you are rendering your building vulnerable to security lapses.

Unsecure windows and glass barriers

Glass is easy to break, especially for skilled criminals. If your glass barriers and windows are not entirely secure, they are vulnerable to break-ins. This type of break-in may even bypass the security alarms, leaving criminals free to damage and take whatever they please. Sensory glass and motion detectors are crucial if you want to provide maximum security for your business premises. An alarm will then activate once an intruder tries to break in, alerting the authorities to the danger. This will significantly reduce the risk of a successful break-in.

Unsecure doors and gates

Some doors may have gaps that render them unsecure. If doors have gaps between them or underneath, criminals may get in without setting off alarms and even motion detectors. The answer to this could be to fill these gaps, invest in double-layered motion sensors, or invest in new, more secure doors. Securely shut, alarmed doors are tough to combat for criminals and are likely to deter them.


There may be some things about your building that invite opportunist criminals. Whether it be light, visible valuables or poorly maintained/faulty fencing, these things may render your building vulnerable to crime.

A security specialist, such as A Matter of Security, can assess the security of your business and help you achieve maximum protection.

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