All businesses must acknowledge the possibility of burglaries and other criminal activity.

Incidents that happen on business premises often account for major losses to companies. Setbacks from burglary, criminal damage and theft are hard to recover from, which is why it important to ensure that the security of the premises is taken very seriously.

Does your business need a security guard service?

Security guards can prevent crimes from happening and ensure that all security measures are in place around your business premises. If you evaluate the advantages of security guards and compare to the potential damages of not recruiting security services the benefits are obvious.

More than anything, having security personnel guarding your business gives you peace of mind. This sense of security allows you and your employees to work more efficiently. The more relaxed the staff is about their working environment, the better they can focus on their daily tasks.

What makes a good security guard?

A Matter of Security ensure we pay high wages and recruit good experienced security guards often ex army to ensure they have the right attributes.

A good security guard should ensure they are always visible.  By being visible most criminals will think twice about their intentions.

They must have a good sense of smell, perfect vision and have good stamina.  You’re wondering why a security operative should have a good sense of smell? Well this sense enables them to sense a gas leakage, or even the early stages of an electrical burn in wires or company equipment that could turn into a fire situation.

The security guard should also have good intuition and detect something out of the ordinary.  Upon detection they must act appropriately keeping the companies procedures and protocols in mind.

Other security guard services that businesses can benefit from include:

  • Monitoring the facility with the help of CCTV cameras
  • Protection of product, premise and people
  • Access control of employees, contractors and employees
  • Conducting security checks in and around the building

Reliable security guard services will not only protect you, but will also make your business more profitable.

A friendly and approachable security staff gives a great impression to customers, making sure they feel safe at your premises.

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