Smart Door Locks – All You Need To Know


What is a smart door lock?

A smart door lock is a digital lock that does not require a physical key. Instead, you operate a smart door lock using a mobile app, fingerprint, voice or keypad. This is usually done using WI-FI or Bluetooth.

The benefits of using smart door locks

Never be locked out
We have all been in the position of either forgetting or losing our keys. This will leave you locked out of your home or office, often leading to additional stress and cost to resolve it. With smart door locks, you no longer have to worry about remembering keys and having them clutter up your pockets. The worry of being locked out is eliminated.

Remote access control
You can let people into your property even when you are elsewhere. Perhaps you have a dog walker, cleaner or a neighbour feeding the pets. You can use your smart device app to enable access to your property remotely.
Gone are the days of leaving a ley under a mat or plant pot for people. Smart door locks are a more accessible and safer way of controlling access to your property.

Access codes
Smart door locks enable you to assign access codes to individuals. This means you will know exactly who is entering the property. This is handy if you have an office with staff or a home with teenage children. You will see who is entering and when.

Have you ever got halfway to work and wondered if you locked the house properly? Or rushed out of the office and panicked that you did not lock up? A smart door lock will eradicate this issue. You can quickly and easily check the status of your locks on the go using your smart app.
This will save you the stress of not knowing and the time and petrol you would use returning to double-check! Also, if you did not lock up, you can lock your door remotely with the smart app.

Notifications and peace of mind
You can schedule notifications using your smartphone to let you know your locks are secure at certain times. For example, if you head to bed around 11 and get up around 7, you can set your app to tell you if your doors are open at those times. If they are, then you can lock them remotely.
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