Smart Intruder Alarms
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Connect to your home or business intruder alarm system from anywhere in the world from the palm of your hand.

About Our Smart Intruder Alarms

An intruder alarm system consists of control equipment and sensors that activate a siren when somebody breaks into your property.

It can be linked to a 24-hour 365 days a year staffed remote monitoring station for added protection and can also include police response.

Panic buttons can be discreetly installed beside beds, near the front door or for a business under a staff members desk.

We can provide annual intruder alarm maintenance contracts which include cheaper 24-hour, 365 days per year emergency call-outs together with a permanent full parts and labour warranty on all new equipment supplied and installed by us.

See how your alarm system works by viewing our YouTube videos below

Complete security in the palm of your hand

The award-winning security technology, now with a Smart Intruder Alarm App

Our Smart Intruder Alarm Systems installations can be hardwired or wireless and can be easily installed in new builds or existing houses with minimal fuss and disruption, thanks to our innovative two-way wireless technology.

Wireless Alarm Systems mean there is no need to install wires to run which means that it is also an ideal solution for newly decorated homes or listed buildings.

If you prefer a hardwired intruder alarm system then the same technology can be applied.  Hardwired Intruder Alarm Systems are ideal for construction and building site security or commercial buildings where it is a design and insurance requirement.

Control Your Home Security from Anywhere In The World

With our award winning Smart Alarm App linked with our secure cloud, you can set and unset your system, watch live video streaming, get system status and receive notification of any event in the palm of your hand from anywhere.

Available on Android™ from the Google Play store, and on iOS™ from the Apple App store.

Stay Connected

With the Homecontrol+2.0 App

About Our Smart Home Alarms

The award-winning two-way wireless intruder alarm control panel offers a wide range of security and safety peripherals to keep your home and family safe, such as motion detectors, shock sensors, external garden sensors, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and other smart devices. See below.

With its ability to sync with up to 32 wireless and a further 34 wired devices, you can easily add a multitude of devices, while its innovative wireless technology means the entire system can be fitted without having to redecorate after installing cables and wires. 

Protect your property from £599 + VAT including installation and 12 months support and smartphone connection



Home Burglar Alarm Package

Statistics show that you are 84% less likely to be a victim of burglary if you have an intruder alarm installed in your home or business.

How does a burglar plan on carrying out break-in? How are they deterred?

The sight of a professional intruder alarm installation and a visible siren at the front of the property and one installed at the rear elevation will be enough for them to consider targeting a neighbouring property without security measures in place. 

Our intruder alarm installations start at a reasonable £599 + VAT with nothing else to pay. 

  • 1no Smart Alarm Panel
  • 1no Nano Door Contact
  • 4no Room Sensors 
  • 1no Live Siren
  • 1no Decoy Siren 
  • 1no 12 Months FREE Maintenance 
  • 1no 12 Months FREE Smart Phone Application 
  • 1no SSAIB Certificate (Normally an insurance requirement)

Homes and businesses come in many shapes and sizes.  The advantages of installing our smart alarm system is that we are able to install up-to 32 wireless devices.  With this in mind check out our list of peripheral devices that will have your home or business completely secure and include some of the latest smart technology available.

See below some of the products available in our range.



Experienced Engineers 

At A Matter of Security we strive to ensure we install the highest quality equipment from the leading brands in security. We are pleased to be able offer the latest technology from the following brands.

We employ highly trained and qualified engineers and all staff are security screened to BS7858.

BS7858 security screening is a British Standard designed for roles where the security and safety of people, goods, services, data or property is a requirement.

Your security matters and you are in safe hands.

Nuffield Health car park

Commercial Intruder Alarms

At A Matter of Security we supply, install and maintain Commercial Intruder Alarms tailored to meet your business needs.

push fire alarm

Remote CCTV

At A Matter of Security we supply, install and maintain Remote CCTV Systems to meet your business needs.

security code entry box

Alarm Maintenance & Takeovers

Intruder Alarm Systems, just like cars, should always be looked after and maintained to ensure they are fully functional throughout the year.