The Importance Of CCTV Cameras


Reports of crime such as break-ins, vandalism and theft are ever-increasing. This is why your business must be as secure and safe as possible. CCTV cameras are a must-have for any business. CCTV is a widely used and highly efficient security solution that helps protect the safety of buildings and employees. A Matter Of Security understand how important security is to a home or business. We supply and install high performing CCTV systems to businesses and homes in Romford and the neighbouring areas. Your CCTV systems can monitor multiple parts of your property and operate across different sites. These systems can be tailored to your individual needs, whether you require 24/7 CCTV or only wish for specific hours to be covered.

Here we look at some of the benefits of CCTV cameras for your premises:

Minimise insurance premiums – Some insurance companies will consider lowering insurance premiums for buildings that have CCTV systems in place.

Budget-friendly – CCTV is a cost-effective security measure. It is easy to maintain and rarely needs repairs or significant additional investment. It is also a cheaper option than paying for more intricate security measures such as 24/7 patrols.

Evidence – CCTV is priceless in terms of evidence. If a crime has occurred on your premises, the camera will not lie. This is hugely beneficial when evidence is required for the police or your insurance company.

Deters crime – Potential criminals, crime gangs and opportunists are less likely to target a property that is visibly equipped with a CCTV system. The presence of CCTV cameras will serve as a deterrent for many and therefore reduce crime.

Keep track of activity – CCTV is a fantastic tool for keeping track of activity at your premises. You can monitor visitors, deliveries and more from various locations using various devices. You can be up to speed with activity without having to be there and oversee things.

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