We Need To Talk About Dog Theft


We are a nation of dog-lovers. We love dogs for many reasons. Be it their loyalty, their love, their ability to provide a companionship which is non-judgemental. 

To quote Pet blogger M.K. Clinton ‘The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog.’  And we at A Matter Group agree.

Dogs have long been man’s best friend and that isn’t changing anytime soon. I’d hate to ask any dog owner who they loved more, their dog or their partner (especially if their partner was present). 

From being man’s longstanding guardian in the wilderness to a firm fixture in the family unit,  the bond between human beings and dogs is unbreakable and has influenced many lives over history.

As Friedrich Nietzsche once said ‘The world was conquered through the understanding of dogs;  the world exists through the understanding of dogs.’

We’ve just got to look at the names people give their dogs these days. It’s no longer Fido, it’s Phil or Phillipa, names we’d give our kids. 

In this last year where many have been isolated, some dogs have seen their best ever year. More walks, more time with their families which inturn has seen dogs somewhat unknowingly help us more than we could possibly know. With social distancing measures in place for humanity, the need for us humans to have a companion has seen us outreach to dogs for it. Thus, the demand from dogs in lockdown has boomed. 

Unfortunately with such a demand comes a rise in crime with criminals keen to exploit a demand for a lucrative payday.

It comes as no surprise then that dog theft has risen 170% since last March. You’ve only got to look at your local newspaper or logon to facebook to see a local account of a dog theft or hear of attempted abductions of dogs . 

If having someone close to your heart abducted wasn’t bad enough, reports across the country have informed us that thieves are cutting microchips out of dogs so they can’t be traced. Such barbarity makes the mind boggle.

We’re often asked, how can we protect our dog? 

How can we keep our dog protected whilst we are not about? 

Our recommendation would be a pet-friendly alarm system. 

Immediately, people think this may cost more. But it’s not true. The control panel is the same as a normal alarm system. The difference is, and what makes the system pet friendly is the motion sensors AKA Pet-friendly PIRS (PASSIVE INFRA-RED MOTION SENSORS). 

A PIR detector is designed to detect movement of body heat (passive infra-red energy). A  PIR permanently checks for differences in the thermal environment. 

An empty room’s passive infra-red energy tends to be stable and not prone to rapid change. The moment a human walks into a room the passive infra-red emitted from a human is a massive change in the environment which is detected by the detector which triggers the alarm. Think of these PIRS as being a bit  like Predator in the Schwarzenegger film.

Pet-friendly PIRS ignore any changes in passive infrared (movement of body heat) at floor level,  up to 35kg in weight /mass. 

But what if I’ve got a Great Dane? Or a French bulldog who likes to jump up on the window? 

If you have a big dog (over 35kg)  or a free roaming French Bulldog they probably will set off these PIRS. However,  there are other options. Door and window contacts can be fitted to doors and windows which would detect an unauthorized opening if the alarm is engaged.

We would always suggest approaching a professional, accredited firm to install a pet -friendly alarm. Let them design a bespoke system for you and your dogs needs. 

And then there are smart alarms.  But that’s another blog for another day. 

Keep them dogs safe and they’ll keep us safe. 



A Matter Group. 


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