Well That Escalated Quickly…Lady GaGa’s Dogs Stolen


I was only saying two days ago we needed to talk about dog theft.

And now it’s probably the most talked about story  in showbiz two days later…

It seems not even celebrities are able to dodge this  particular wave of crime. I never thought I’d read the below headline in The Daily Mail, maybe The Daily Sport but not The Daily Mail:

‘Gaga puts up $500,000 ‘no questions asked’ reward for safe return of her French bulldogs Koji and Gustav after Hollywood dognapper shoots her dog walker and flees’

I never thought I’d hear of someone being shot over a French bulldog for that matter. But hey, that’s the world we’re living in. Truth is stronger than fiction they say.

Luckily, Gaga’s dog walker looks like he is going to be ok thank goodness. But the dogs are still missing and the gunman is still at large. 

Isn’t it strange how a crime can manifest itself in various ways, in different lifestyles, in different time zones, and in different countries? 

But the crime is still the crime no matter how it manifests and ultimately it doesn’t matter if it’s Lady Gaga  getting her French bulldog stolen  in LaLa land or Gary from Stockport getting his bulldog stolen. We are all human and the pain we feel and the love we have for our loved ones is the same across every culture and income bracket.

Crime in a way is a great equaliser in its ability to turn us all into victims no matter where we come from or what we do for a living. A sobering thought…

Let’s hope GaGa gets her dogs back. And anyone else who gets their dog taken for  that matter.

Keep safe

A Matter Group.

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