Why every business should have a good fire alarm system installed


Fire alarm systems are there to alert people so that everybody can act fast and respond to the emergency in the appropriate way. Without efficient fire alarm systems, a business can be left vulnerable to fire and fatalities. A conscientious business owner should install and provide good quality fire alarm systems for their staff, customers and work premises. Failing to put these measures in place could have a devastating effect on the business and employees.

Customer safety

Any premises used by the public, such as restaurants or hotels, have a duty to their customer’s safety. Having a high-quality fire alarm system at any public place provides peace of mind to customers and shows that customer safety is always put first.

Care of staff

Taking care of staff, employees and other regular visitors to work premises is something not be taken lightly. An efficient alarm system will allow all personnel time to vacate the premises, should an emergency take place. All staff should be made aware of procedures, once an alarm is sounded.

Authorities are alerted

Up to date fire alarm systems trigger an automatic alert to the emergency services. This saves time and possibly even lives. It also removes any confusion as to whether someone has actually called the emergency services. It’s easy to assume that they’ve already been called, once people hear the alarm. However, older alarm systems may not have this feature, so would advise that you check and update any fire alarm systems, if need be.

Premises are protected

Work premises are more than just a place to work in. They contain people’s livelihoods and everything people have worked hard for. Once a fire takes hold, expensive goods and tools can be damaged beyond repair in seconds. Having to replace everything impacts heavily on a business, with loss of time, productivity and money. With a good quality fire alarm system, this could be prevented and provide much-needed safety for any business.

We take great pride in installing high-quality fire alarm systems for many businesses. If you would like to discuss your plans for a quality fire alarm system, then please give us a call on 01708 572 248 or email: info@amatterofsecurity.com

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