WHY Security?


We explain easily ‘WHAT’ we do for our customers.

Security is such a reactive industry and more often than not a customer will call us having already fallen victim to a burglary.

They immediately know WHAT they want… Do they question WHY they might buy from us?

“I want to upgrade my CCTV system, the quality is so poor, I have been meaning to get it upgraded for months” –  (More like years?)

“We haven’t set the alarm in ages, there was a fault on it and I haven’t got round to getting it fixed” – (Highly Likely that the insurance company will not pay out now the system has not been maintained)

These types of conversations are so commonplace within the security industry.  I have these conversations 10-20 times per week.

Most customers these days purchase a product depending on cost. How many people check reviews or actually ask the company WHY they do what they do?  Does the company share the same values?

It’s interesting WHY people buy.  Tara Hunt explains 5 reasons Why we Buy check out her blog https://www.phlywheel.com/articles/marketing-strategy/5-reasons-why-we-buy-things/

Our security systems do solve a specific problem but it’s WHY we install security systems that helps us build that customer client relationship.


So let me start with the WHY !!

WHY do we do WHAT we do? If you share our WHY then hopefully we can help you.

Firstly we are a 40 year + family run business, we understand peoples lives and take this into consideration.  Our approach is to be flexible around working hours.  This is why we carry out surveys during the day and evening to accommodate our customers needs.  This is the same for installations and servicing of our security systems we install.

We also want to work with families that share the same ethos and beliefs that we do.  I have worked in the security industry for many years and have come across some really difficult customers in my early engineering days.  I often wondered how on earth the company I worked for even considered taking on this customer in the first place.  They were rude, didn’t share common ground, sometimes didn’t even acknowledge I was there.

I grew up in a working class East End family.  When a builder or tradesperson came to our home they were always offered a cup of tea.  I was taught at a very young age that if you want a good job done then offer them a cup of tea.  Not just one cup of tea, a nice steady trickle and even a bacon sandwich.

Truth is motivation is a big key to the success of every business.  We work daily on having good quality, motivated people who share our WHY and our strong core values and company ethos.

  • Good Timekeeping
  • Communication
  • Honest
  • Reliable
  • Loyal
  • Committed

If you do not share the above then I’m sorry you just won’t fit into our team.

If you are a potential customer that shares any strong values listed above then we might just be the right security provider for you?

So WHY do I do what I do?  As Managing Director of the company I enjoy watching my staff and company develop.  I don’t do it for the financial gain.  My ethos is that if you have good systems in place and the preparation has been applied to 100% of everyones ability then the company will make some profit.

I like giving my customers that true sense of security, that good nights sleep, worry free holiday abroad, peace of mind that your business premises is protected, your loved ones are safe.  Thats the TRUE WHY! Thats WHY we do what we do!!!

Our customer base continues to grow and people continue to refer us through our Refferal Scheme https://www.amatterofsecurity.com/refer

Finishing with WHAT we do…. Well there is lots..

Whatever your security needs our team are here to help you.

We look forward to you coming on our customer journey with us and hopefully you’ve got the kettle on for me and the team.


Thanks for reading


Jamie Reynolds

Managing Director


Are you ready to feel secure?
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