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We protect your assets in life but what about
when you’re no longer around?

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We know your home and possessions are important to you, that’s why you’re here. While we can offer you security and protection from day to day, it’s also important to consider what happens to your assets when you pass.

Accidents, illness, losing mental capacity or sadly even death can happen at any time, none of us know what the future can bring, but with careful planning, it’s possible to protect yourself for every eventuality. That’s why we recommend Wright Wills Estate Planners to give you full protection for your assets.

Wills and Will Trusts

Only 60% of us have a Will in place, why not? Probably because people think the current laws are sufficient, or they believe they have nothing of value to leave. But the truth is the vast majority of people need a Will to avoid any legal and personal complications when they pass on.

If you have a complex family situation (such as a second marriage) or want any control over who inherits what, or if you wish to reduce your inheritance tax bill then you’ll need Will.

And of those who do have a Will, many are out of date and don’t reflect current circumstances. The birth of children, grandchildren, marriages or an increase in assets like a house purchase, all impact the decisions made in a Will and it will need updating.

Making or reviewing a Will is straightforward, and our team have the expertise and knowledge to help you avoid any of the possible problems occurring from a badly written Will. We can guide you through what can seem like a complex legal process with care.

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Lasting Power of Attorney

1 in 3 of us will need long-term care in later life, so it’s vital someone you trust can make decisions on your behalf. Many of us incorrectly believe that being married, having close next of kin or a joint bank account means that Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) isn’t needed, but that’s incorrect. Without one, your loved ones won’t be able to make health and welfare or financial decisions, such as what care you receive or even where you live. While your assets, including joint bank accounts, will be frozen. An LPA allows you to choose who will make those decisions for you by appointing someone as your attorney.

Wright Wills can set up LPAs for you and your partner, giving you peace of mind that if something were to happen to you, any decisions would be made in your best interest.

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